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We offer the following services.
Please carefully read the terms of service ,which applies to every website participating in our link exchange and premium services.

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Participate in our link exchange for free for one month. After that, all you will be paying is a low monthly fee of $5.00 (16 cents a day). Complimentary to the link exchange, you will have a direct link  from our directory to your website.

Note: you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time.

You are buying a right to place your banner(s) and/or link(s) onto the major pages of our website including the home page. Our extremely low prices vary based on banner sizes and/or pages. For a small one time fee of $19.99, we place a link from our reputable home page to your website until your website is noticed and registered by Google. We state that your website will be in the Google index within a couple of weeks (usually it is 5-6 days) or money back guarantee.
  1. Your website must be registered in the Google index.
  1. None
  1. Your website must be new (not banned by Google).
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