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Link exchange and SEO optimization news

Link Exchange Basics

Published on : Thursday Jun 1, 2006 11:02 AM
Author: Amber Lowery

The benefits of a well done link campaign are two fold. If you choose sites to link with that attract a similar audience and get a well categorized listing in their directory or link page, you can attract a good deal of clickthru visitors that are well targeted. These visitors are very valuable targeted visitors.

The second primary benefit of a well done link exchange campaign is for search engines. Nowdays, most search engines (especially big ones such as Google and Yahoo) will not list a site that has no links pointing back to it. A page without links is an "orphan page" and search engines generally dont favor "orphan pages". Therefore, a link exchange campaign is important in getting the spiders to find you (forget search engine submission!), to list you & to rank you for your keywords.

Rank you for your keywords? "Whats this...", you ask..

Thats right - Major search engines nowdays take into account the "anchor text" of your links. Thats the part of your link that is "clickable".

Think about it - search engine spiders are robots. In the past, search engines relied on "on-page factors" such as metas, H1 tags, keyword densities, etc.. to rank sites. This was way too easy to manipulate by using unethical practices such as keyword stuffing and others.

The search engines have evolved since then in their quest to provide more relevant results and weed out manipulation of their SERPS. They now use "off page factors" such as anchor text to determine the content of a site.

For this reason, it is important to make the clickable part of your link (your anchor text) reflect the content of your site. Using as your anchor text is fine, however you should try to get additional links with a variety of anchor text combinations especially some with your primary keywords as the anchor.

Link exchanging is a very important marketing tool, and must be used responsibly. Your goal should be to link to quality sites that are usefull to your visitors & to request links from sites that are related to yours. Here are some quick tips for successfull link campaigns.


* Use keywords in your anchor text
* Vary your anchor text from time to time
* Dont participate in FFAs or Automated Link Farms
* Try to get links from sites that are closely related to yours
* Try to get links from pages that are relevant to your site
* Theme your directory into categories for greater relevancy
* Always use proper ettiquite when requesting links


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