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Linking Strategies - Best Linking Strategy for Google

Published on : Friday May 12, 2006 11:46 AM
Author: Bhupendra Kunwar
Sr. SEO Consultant with 4 years of proven experience in Internet Marketing and allied fields

What could be the best linking strategy?
Reciprocal links?
3-way linking?
Directory Listings?
Linking through Blogs submissions?
Linking through Article postings or Press releases?
FFA links?
Create Network sites/Micro Sites?
The list may go on and on? But the question remain unanswered.

With Google putting check on linking fraud and discarding link value coming through unreliable sources, the linking stratgey for any website would take considerable time. Natural one way links would always be preferred by Google or any other SE. Though Yahoo and MSN can easily be duped with QUANTITY of links.
A successful linking strategy may contain-
a) Strong Internal linking of the website. That means you need to have a good sum of pages in your site and link them strongly but with relevance through proper Anchor Text. Rather than saying "Home", "Widgets Home" would make more sense

b) Create open source material for FREE distribution. This may include free articles, news etc that other webmaster can borrow from your website and may link to you as a token of debt.

c) Prepare you site with good content and submit to the industry leader portals/directories/yellow pages- Both FREE and PAID.

d) If you offer any product, run affiliate programs and ask your affiliates to directly link to your site.

e) Press Release submissions is yet another tool for increasing link popularity and authoritativeness. AVOID submitting press-releases for the heck of it.

f) Exchange links with your industry partners. Link and get linked through content page only rather than a link page created for the useless purpose.

g) Last but not the least, focus on QUALITY. 20 QUALITY links a month are quite STRONG and safe enough to rank well in Google.

Special Note: The link strategy may vary from website to website and depends a lot on business strategies. If you are looking for long term business presence, you must adhere to the ethical link building strategies which includes a lot of content on the website itself- refreshed daily or as frequently as possible.

However if you are looking for a short term SEO strategy, do not hesitate to follow any link spamming techniques. You can easily top the rankings on any competitive keywords on Yahoo and MSN with fewer efforts but a lot of SEO intelligence.


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